Mentorship & Credit Repair Business Training 

Discovery Mastermind Business Sessions

Discovery  mastermind sessions are designed for those who need a more hands on approach. You need to breakdown the entire structure of your brand (or build one) to be more profitable and structured.  The cool thing about discovery mastermind session is that they can be done in person or via live stream. 


  • Live stream or 5 hour physical daily shadowing

  • Written business plan

  • Business organization/company structure

  • Social media content direction/generation

  • Affiliate building strategies

  • Sales pitches/scripts

  • Hiring sales agents & staff

  • Additional products & services

  • Certifications & credit events

  • Contract & client intake process develop

  • Sponsorships & speaking engagements

  • Software & outsourcing details

  • 90 Day marketing launch plan

  • Logo & tagline development

Business Clarity Sessions

Have you recently launched your credit repair business or are you looking to launch your brand but you're stuck? These one on one business clarity chats are designed to help you figure out your way.  Determine the best marketing strategies, the most appropiate pay structure for your clients, how to tell your personal credit story, & more. 

  • Two weekly powerful one hour phone sessions

  • Written follow up business plan

  • Social media content direction

  • Dispute training & dispute training

  • Affiliate building strategies

  • Lead generation ideas

  • Additional products & services guidance

  • Certifications & credit events

  • Contract & client intake process development

  • Sponsorship & speaking engagements guidance

General Credit Repair Training

Credit repair training course for those interested in learning how to repair credit and start a credit repair business:

  • 3 Hour Recorded Credit Repair Education Course Session

  • Consumer credit education

  • Business setup guidance

  • Affiliate, certifications, & software training

  • 30-minute unlimited Q/A Session