What To Do Before Becoming A Consultant

I receive so many questions in regards to becoming a credit consultant or starting your own credit agency. Experian estimates that that 30% of Americans have poor credit so the need to spread awareness is crucial. I've put together a few things that are crucial to developing prior to joining this industry. They are:

  • Education. There are several associations out there like this ONE that provides tons of credit education. There's material available to help you learn the structure of what we do and there's a certification for it. 
  • Check your state's regulations. Credit repair has many different stipulations and laws that vary per state. Contact your secretary of state's office to verify what these rules may be for you. 
  • Improve your own credit. If you're not ready to practice what you preach then you need to hold off. Practice your strategies on yourself. Improve your score and at least have things together. This is important. 
  • Get a business coach.  Running a business requires times, money, effort, and knowledge. Finding someone who can adequately assist you with getting things off the ground is crucial to your success. 

It's also important to find your own flavor. Don't replicate or copy others. The credit industry is relatively small and you don't want to cause friction. 

Be yourself, do the work, & practice ethically. 

Credit Resources:

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