How To Divorce Proof Your Credit Score

It's no secret that life changes will also affect your credit. 

Especially the breakup of a marriage.

To save yourself some financial grief, I've put together a few tips to help you properly manage your credit while trying to keep your sanity through a divorce. These tips are:

a.  Keep your mailing address updated with all creditors and the credit bureaus. You'd be surprised at how at the number of people who miss important information because they've moved. Staying on top of all documentation and being sure that creditors have a clear way of contacting you is vital. 

b. Close all joint accounts. There's no need to carry joint accounts. The stress of who is supposed to pay up is not a game you'd want to play. Cancel all accounts and delegate any remaining balances per contracts or attorneys. This includes authorized user accounts. 

c. Check your credit reports. Be sure your credit reports are being monitored for activity. You need to avoid unauthorized uses of your credit and stay on top of credit updates. 

d. Let your creditors know. Have important accounts notated that you're currently going through a divorce and set a specific date that you don't intend on being held liable for purchases that may not have been incurred by you. 

Organization and communication is the way to manage your credit while experiencing a divorce.