I Started A Podcast

Just recently I decided to take some time out for myself. 2017 has been a really motivating year for me. I've been reaching goals left and right but that also means I've been working really hard. I pulled out my vision board that I made in December 2016. As you can see, I hadn't really been involved with this thing and hadn't touched it since I made it. 

Surprisingly, I had accomplished 4 of the 7 things that were there. Starting a podcast was also there and I felt it was also the easiest of the three things to get done right away. I shot over to Amazon, purchased a mic,  and here I am today blogging about this. 

I wanted my podcast to not only reflect my passion for consumer credit but also represent who I am as a woman. I want it to be a place of empowerment and motivation for other women to really go after what they think they can't do!

Take a listen below and let me know what you think. It's available on Itunes, Soundcloud, & Google Play.