When Not to Repair Your Credit

I've been apart of the credit world for almost five years now and I've had my fair share of experiences with those looking to improve their credit. I'm all about promoting credit awareness. I mean, I do have a whole company dedicated to this; but there are some times where consumers should avoid this process. 

The process of ethical credit repair requires money. There's no other way to say it. Not every account will be eligible for removal or deletion. Not every debt can go ignored and that may mean to agree to settlement. Another key aspect of improving your credit score is rebuilding or establishing credit. This may mean applying for secured credit which will be your own cash as the funding source.

In order to be successful on your journey, you must eliminate other financial distractions and devote yourself to a new, disciplined lifestyle. 

If you're experiencing adjustments in your cash flow, like a change in employment, going through a divorce, relocating, getting married, or any other major milestone that may require you to pay up, you may need to wait to begin this journey. 

When you're going through major changes like those, repairing your credit will only be an added stress. Remember,  you'll be budgeting, adding credit, paying off debt, negotiating with creditors, and so much more! 

If you think it's something you can handle, then by all means - go for it!

On avarage, 91% of those who don't complete my total credit rehab program is because they run into financial challenges due to life's curve balls.

Be proactive and take care of your credit right away. This will keep you from having to rush the process to meet future goals or be delayed if you run into a snag. 

Dedication and consistency is your way to change!