How does the program work? 

The Credit Rehabilitation program is designed for women that are looking for a complete adjustment in their credit lifestyles. We identify credit triggers that has caused your credit score to be stagnant or poor. This process also includes the removal of any inaccurate information listed on the credit profile. There is also a step of rebuilding to reposition  the credit content of the report by adding positive credit. Each month a different goal is set and resources are provided to help implement a change in everyday life.  


Is this legal? 

Credit restoration strategies and tactics used by Akira J. Dixon are 100% legal. The Fair Credit Reporting Act allows consumers to challenge the validity of any inaccurate or obsolete information on any consumer report. Through this act Akira will only exercise guidance that is parallel to what the laws have specifically laid out. Tradelines, sweeps, CPNS, & other questionable activity to improve credit scores are not recommended or practiced by Akira. 


How long does the process take?

The Total Credit Rehabilitation Program requires a minimum of six (6) months to fully see it's full potential. During the six month enrollment, clients typically see a credit score increase within forty five (45) days of initial enrollment. 


How much does this cost? 

The Total Credit Rehabilitation Program requires an ideal candidate screening consult prior to the actual enrollment process. This candidate screening session is 15 minutes long and is conducted via phone.  Upon qualifying for Akira's service, there's an investment fee of $199.99 to begin the process and a monthly service charge of $99.99 per month for three to six months based on the severity of your credit. All consultations are $25.00. Consultation fees are deducted from the actual enrollment fee.


Can I cancel? 

Clients can cancel their service at anytime by providing a written notice via fax to (626) 678-1609. Upon enrollment clients have three business days to cancel in order to receive their initial enrollment fee back. Enrollment fees are forfeited on the fourth business day.  


Is this program confidential? 

Your enrollment, documents, and private financial details will never be disclosed or sold. We will not identify your enrollment on social media or credit accomplishments without your consent. Your private information/identity will not be used in any promotional content.


What if I'm with another credit repair company? 

A 60 Day grace period is preferred upon your cancellation from that agency.