Understanding Credit Principles

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Credit is often a foreign topic in most households and because of that consumers don't understand credit fundamentals that lead to credit setbacks. Akira delicately creates a new credit foundation providing the education needed to rehabilitate credit habits.

Realistic Goal Setting

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With interaction with thousands of consumers in the United States, Akira has found that consumers are more prone to change their financial behavior with a set plan in place. In the credit rehabilitation program, Akira creates personalized game plans for each client to follow. 

Effective Resources

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Most clients are on a journey to accomplishing a credit goal. Akira has partnered with several realtors, mortgage brokers, car dealerships, banks, & credit unions to provide effective resources for each enrolled client. 

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“Working with Akira has been mind blowing. I've not only increased my credit score by 94 points but I have a better understanding of how credit works.”

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