Credit Repair: Does it work?

Does it really work? 

Credit repair is the process of removing inaccuarate, unverfiable, or untimely information from credit reports. These items are usually associated with negative accounts on the credit report which ultimately ends up giving you a higher credit score. After running a poll on Instagram I realized that many people thought  credit repair was a scam. I get it. It seems like the latest career trend and not very many people have said great things. There are many great benefits with working with a licensed credit professional but it's important to understand that the process takes discipline. 

I often tell people that credit repair is indeed a scam when the counselor neglects to tell the consumer their dedication is need to complete the process. It's also a scam to add fraudlent CPN numbers and to file unlawful identity theft affidavits. 

Since my start in the industry I've also grown to recognize the constant desperation of consumers who then turn into frustrated customers. You've got to be financially committed, ready to make sacrifices, and have an ounce of patience. The process won't be as fast as you may want it to be. 

watch out for scams

To prevent yourself from being scammed keep these things in mind:

  • Never pay someone a large sum in advance
  • Always verify company information with the consultant's attorney general
  • Verify reviews & testimonials 
  • Review all contracts & terms of conditions prior to getting started
  • Be mindful of how your personal information is being shared or accessed 
  • Bad credit help signs at an intersection 
  • Inconsistent contact information