Do This Instantly To Boost Your Score

How's your spending habits? 

Are you putting way too much pressure on your credit cards? I'm sure you've heard about utilization by now. Utilization is the ratio of your credit card balance to your credit limits. The more credit you use the lower your credit score will be. Example: If your balance is $300 and your limits is $1,000 the your utilization rate is 30% for that card. 

I recommend only using credit cards at 10% or less while most recommend 30%. I also only think credit cards should be used with a realistic strategy to tpay the card off. If you're racking up debt and receiving no rewards then you're using credit cards completely wrong. 

If you suffer from high balances try to come with unique ways to reduce your debt. A budget is crucial as it helps you dissect the places your cash is going to.