Back in 2006, my dad constantly yelled at me about student loans and the effect they'd have on my credit. I always felt like I'd have time to get it together. I mean, I was a sophomore in college at the time. Why would I be thinking about credit

As life went on, everything my dad had previously warned me of became reality. Because of my irresponsible spending in college, I couldn't get approved for an apartment. Decent employment was much harder to find because my credit grouped me into a category of low paying entry level jobs. My current car payment on a 2006 Pontiac G6 was only getting paid on time because my parents made the payment. 

For the next four years, I lived a cash-only lifestyle. I dodged bill collectors by changing phone numbers frequently and completely ignored any letters from anyone asking me to make a payment. On top of that, I gave birth to a beautiful, big eyed little girl who was counting on me. 

I had to get it together. 

Fast forward to 2013. I reached out to find help with my credit from different agencies I found online and through social media. 

I couldn't find a company that was a good fit for my needs. While they all made promises to improve my credit score, there were no definite forms of resources to help me understand credit. I needed to understand credit so that I didn't end up in this same dilemma in the future. Every consultant wanted to brag about their deletion ratio but I needed way more than that to get a grip on my life. 

After countless consultations & signups in credit repair programs, I decided to do my own research and restore my own credit. I purchased every book I could find on the subject, ordered my credit reports, and immediately began to rehabilitate my behavior. 

Over the next year, I improved my credit score by 130+ points. This led me to start my own credit company which was a total flop. 

My business, although profitable, still wasn't what I had in mind for people that looked like me, acted like me, and who were experiencing the same things as me. I dissolved Premier Credit Consultants & created Akira's Total Credit Rehab where I am not only the face of the company but where I can actually work one on one with those who want my help. 

I didn't want my company to be about numbers, social media fame, or popularity. I just wanted to offer real help to real people going through real-life circumstances. 

To date, I've adjusted my entire lifestyle & I'm almost in the 800 credit score range. I've also helped over 1800 individuals find their credit come back. 

Not only have I gone from a welfare recipient to a six-figure earner, but I've been able to help others join this same industry and help others start their on credit repair companies.

That's my credit story, friends!