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Great speaker, very knowledgable and VERY relatable!
— Mbombo Kazadi
Akira is a wealth of knowledge. When you’re ready to level up, you need to give her a call. Extremely professional and dedicated.
— Abena Cannady
I have talked to tons of people but for someone to actually help is rare. If you need a credit coach this [Akira] is the one.
— Brian Jackson

Akira is the TRUTH. Seriously, she’s the real MVP.
— Gabriel Parsons
I’ve worked with Akira for the last 12 months and I will honestly say there is no one like her. She’s real, down to Earth, and really knows & understands credit. She knows what you need to do, she tells you how to do it, and she’s so transparent.”
— Shaunell King
Akira is absolutely phenomenal. She has a real millennial approach to helping you see your mistakes and coming up with a solution. I can’t stress how awesome her service is.
— Jamie Brown
Akira’s name would always pop up on my Instagram feed because my friend was one of her preferred agents. I followed her and immediately knew why. Her approach was so HONEST and REAL. I kept thinking I have to work with her. I signed up and everything has been going smoothly. I now understand credit and my score is getting better.
— Ashley Weathersby
I have a soft spot in my heart for Akira. She’s sooooo direct it’ll make you think twice about messing up your credit every again!
— Linda Jones-Smith
I followed Akira on Instagram and was always impressed with her knowledge. She would show us her day to day operations and that really made me want to work with her. In 30 days my score was up by 55 points.
— Tangela Rivers
I appreciate you Akira. Your dedication to getting me out of this mess means so much to me!
— Sheilah Hawk
I learned from Akira that credit scores really don’t mean much. She has shown me how to create the right content and clean up my old mistakes. She shows no judgment and really goes out of her way to make sure you’re financially okay.
— Melissa Selders
Akira is truly a gem. Working with her over the last six months has helped me to see my credit in a totally different light. I recommend her to everyone I know.
— Shia Williams