Working With Akira

Akira's Total Credit Rehabilitation Program is all about discipline, dedication, & effort. The process works in three phases:

Rescue: We immediately create a realistic plan that resolves any issues that  hinders your financial potential. This plan is a PDF document sent in your secure portal or by email to access throughout your journey. There's never a question of what you should be doing or how to do it. 

Renew: Adding lines of credit, opening banking accounts, & creating a budget are just a few things we help you do to bridge the gap to execution.

Recovery:  Education and effort is all you need to see change. By following the plan that's been set for you, your old ways and previous setbacks are now a thing of the past. Enrollment grants you access to the The Vault where you can gain insight on home ownership, real estate investing, debt collectors, credit cards, & car shopping through recorded webinars/conference call audio. 

The Credit Rehabiliation program requires a 3-6 month stay. Clients see improve within 45 days or less. Enrollment into the program is $199.99 & there's a monthly service fee auto drafted on the first day of each month for $99 for each month of service.

To get started you will need an account with Identity IQ or you can email a PDF copy (no other formats will be accepted) of your credit reports/scores to . You can open the Identity IQ account HERE. Once you've opened that account schedule your credit discovery session HERE for a small investment fee of $50.00. 

Why is there a fee for consultations?

Credit assistance takes time, strategy, & education. Akira has invested thousands of dollars into her craft and is always anxious to share her knowledge. Your consultation is a thirty minutue in- depth conversation that allows you to not only pick Akira's brain but to engage in detailed wealth building conversations. Each consultation comes with a PDF breakdown of your credit report & scores as well as a detailed email outlining Akira's recommendations. These consultations are often life changing & determine if you need credit restoration. Your investment rewards Akira for her time and dedication to providing you effective credit resources. If you choose to become a resident at Akira's Total Credit Rehab your investment fee is applied to your service. All consultation fees are non-refundable & can only be rescheduled within 60 days.