Are you looking for an additional stream of income that's easy, has low overhead, & did I mention easy? Believe it or not, I got my start in the financial word as a tax consultant and actually made my very first six figures there. It didn't take long to launch the company and I even partnered with a company to get started with very little cash flow. 

I'm letting the world in on the way I built my tax enterprise. 

I'm officially accepting 10 student to learn my process, my revenue plan, & the whole marketing run down.

I'll even show you how to incoporate this into your credit repair business. 

The course takes place online July 9 - 12, 2018 from 6:30-8:00pm EST. All sessions are recorded and provided for playback via email within 48 hours. The interactive course is everything you need to launch a profitable tax business by the start of the next tax season. I'll even be here every step of the way long after you take your first client. 

During the course we will be reviewing:

  • Proper tax business setup 

  • Tax laws & client intake

  • Income tax preparation 

  • Income tax software training

  • Income tax forms education

  • Incorporating taxes into a credit repair firm 

  • Learn how I sold my first tax business for $___K to a national tax chain 

  • Marketing & converting sales (make $100K in 4 months!) 

  • and how to launch your tax firm without ANY $ down

Bonus Perks:

  • Unlimited lifetime email & phone support
  • Private quarterly trainings 

Total cost: $399.99

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